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Beautifully written and illustrated children’s books that are relevant and highly engaging. These stories offer unique and valuable insights for children into Aboriginal beliefs and ways of knowing. My own children love the stories of Rufus and his friends. Perfect for teaching children about Aboriginal perspectives and relationships to country and animals. Highly recommended.
— Loren Collyer
Fay takes you beyond the surface of any ordinary environment into a relationship with nature, where creatures speak with the same authority as human beings.
— Anthony Wallis
Wind Spirits is a delightful and beautifully illustrated Australian tale! I read this book to my 4 year old niece and she was intrigued and loved Rufus. Bunjee’s books are the perfect children’s book for story time!
— Lisa Fualalo
Such enjoyable books for children of all ages! I would highly recommend Bunjee’s Books to any family looking to deepen their understanding and appreciation of Indigenous Australian culture through a fun narrative
— Chloe Hall

Note from the author

My name is Fay. Mum, Dad and Granny taught me to respect myself and all others, our country, the birds, plants, fish and animals, and all other living creatures. Each of us has a totemic relationship with them, that lasts a lifetime. They taught me about our culture and our lore, which is reflected in each of my books, with the appearances of Bush and Water Spirits. 

Another important feature in my books, is the value to me of my identity as an Aboriginal person. This includes knowledge of the culture of my own homeland, and knowledge about the Ancestral Spirits Creators, who are all around us, as taught to me by my Granny.

My characters

I paint the Spirits as bright, beautiful, helpful creatures, who still dwell in country wherever we live. Even though I haven't written about scary Spirits, I acknowledged their presence as a child. Because the stories were meant to save our lives, and never meant to harm us, there are no scary Spirits in my books - I want people to love our Bush, because the Earth is our Mother.