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Wind Spirits

The Wind Spirits are lovely Beings, who are carried across our country and the world. They are very beautiful and very kind, they know when storms are forming, and they tell all birds and animals to make their families safe; people don't understand the natural world, and therefore do not see or hear the messages. And as Molly Dolly said in this book, "Mum watches television on the Weather Channel, to learn what the weather will do today."

The importance of interconnectedness of wind, water, and land to birds and animals and people, including fish and other water dwelling creatures, is so important. 

My Nan, Mum, and Dad, knew when it was a good time to go fishing. I would ask Gran "are we going fishing today?" If not, she would say "no, Julpa (wind) too strong, Jabu (fish) go away, water too deep for us to catch 'im.' - in her words in broken English stay with me even today, and will forever. 

Rufus Saves A Baby Bird

Rufus, in his mind, understood that Bunjee was a hunter, and all creatures were in possible danger of attack from him. This was learned behaviour, which came from me; he watched everything I did, and so copied what I did. Telling Bunjee, "NO", was often said by me, and Rufus would stand up and confront Bunjee. But they never fought, for in Rufus' mind, Rufus was the Boss Dog over his brothers, Bunjee and Poly, and his sister Molly Dolly.

Bunjee was a loving, happy little dog, who was able to control his hunting urge when told. 

Rufus believed his role, was to prevent Bunjee from hurting animals and birds. Bunjee would not attack the birds when we were all in the garden enjoying food together, and the birds would be having their bath in their bird bath, or picking up crumbs off the ground.

But sometimes in the paddocks, Bunjee may see birds intruding on what he saw as his space, and chase them away, and Rufus would then be on alert, to protect everyone from Bunjee. 

Rufus Is Saved By The Water Dreaming And Bush Spirits

Rufus and Bunjee are independent thinkers; they get bored quickly and need to go and do something. They decide to go to see the Aboriginal carvings, which are located on the river bank. Mum has told all four pets how important these carvings are to her, to Aboriginal people and to people in general, because they are thousands of years old, and they are part of the history of Australia. 

Rufus and Bunjee know they are not allowed to go there, but decide they will visit the site, even though Poly and Molly Dolly warn them about the dangers, and sad events that may happen to them.

They are respectful of the rules told to them by their Mum, and they perform the steps required. But an event happens which needs help, that Bunjee and Rufus cannot provide.

The Australian bush is filled with Aboriginal mythology - there are so many stories and events that happened in the Dreaming period, which still exist today. In this story, loving help from unexpected sources may appear, to assist when people and animals need help. 

Rufus Meets Two Water Spirits And The Platypus Family

The river is a great place for the boys to play and swim. Molly Dolly doesn't go there, she is too much a fancy little lady.

Bunjee is the explorer - he seeks out animals and birds and they run away from him. He understands and accepts that because they are scared of him. However, he found a family of Mummy and Daddy platypus, and their two babies, but doesn't understand why and how they disappear, when they dive into the water. "Where do they go?" he asks.

Then one day, they were in the river for a swim, and an event happened for the first time. Mum looked like she was dancing with a lizard; it looked like they were dancing but Mum didn't look comfortable. What do they do when their Mum is attacked by a lizard? What does a lizard do when three dogs and a person come into his space?

The river animals welcome Rufus. They tell him their concerns, about the ongoing problems that are affecting their lives, and they ask him to ask his Mum to help them. A beautiful elder Black Swan, also flies in to talk to him. 

"In Fay's second book we explore the world of social relationships (except that in this story humans are only one element); Rufus discovers how to handle different age groups, different species, aggression and affection - and himself." - Anthony Wallis